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What's our process? 

We get you an estimate, which are typically done within a few days of your call. You tell us yes or no. Once approved, we get you a scheduled day. We are able to give you a specific day, however, not a specific time. There are many factors that affect the time we spend on each job. We make scheduling calls every Monday. Then we perform the service(s). We bill for the work within a couple days. 

Tips to help job efficiency:

  • Make sure all your windows are closed

  • Remove screens if washing windows 

  • Move cars out of driveway if possible 

  • If able, move all patio furniture out of work area

  • Animals kept in house

  • If excessive amount of dog poop in yard, please pick up

  • Unlock any gates needed for access to backyard 

  • Make sure exterior waters spigots are turned on

All of these things GREATLY help us do our job best and take care of your property best!

What to do before we arrive? 

What to expect after? 

You should expect to have a conversation with your technician about annual maintenance cleaning. You should expect a bill within a couple days. If you are thoroughly impressed, we would appreciate if you left us a review on google. The best tip you can give us is a referral. If anything is not up to your satisfaction, we will do everything we can to make it right. 

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