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"It's all in the details"  


United States

At AK Curb Appeal, we care about the little things!

If you love hosting your friends on your property, we are here to help you restore the outside back to its original look and feel! 


We are also here to help increase the curb appeal on your house you are putting up for sale! 

Our Services

Roof Shingles

Roof Washing

We utilize a soft washing technique for roof cleaning. This technique combines low pressure with a special detergent that not only cleans your roof, but treats it to inhibit future moss and mold growth. This is the safest and most effective way to clean your roof!

House Washing

We use a detergent to treat your siding: killing any moss, mold, or mildew and restoring that clean day-one look. We handle everything from the roof to driveway.

Decks, Driveways and Sidewalks

It's such a great feeling to walk on clean concrete, and don't forget to let us make your deck shine!

Brick and Retaining Walls

Clean retaining walls can provide a lot of curb appeal to your home and really make a back yard look great.

Gutter Repairs

We handle all repairs and maintenance to rain gutters and downspouts. The only thing we don't do is replace rain gutters, we do however replace downspouts. If you need replacement or new gutters we can definitely set you up with someone who can!

Gutter Cleaning

We can clean any rain gutters now matter how high or steep the roof is. We hand scoop everything out and then do a detailed rinse to make sure your rain gutters are working correctly. We check for leaks and hit in loose nails and clean up any and all mess from the service.

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"A company you can trust in the place you call home"

Our Happy Clients

"They did a bang up job on my gutters & moss removal 2 years ago, and recently I won free gutter cleaning! They are the best"

- Geri Cannon

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