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Exterior pressure washing and more in Anchorage

Our range of services will keep your home and property looking great all year long. But more importantly, our services will protect your property by maintaining safety and extending the life of your home and roof. Call us for more details, or visit our Gallery page to see just how much of a difference AK Curb Appeal can make!

Exterior pressure washing

Don't let the slow buildup of dirt and grime over the years ruin a great coat of paint. AK Curb Appeal has the commercial-grade equipment necessary to make quick, thorough work of any exterior job, large or small.
Professional cleaning the exterior walls of a house in Anchorage AK

Roof moss removal

AK Curb Appeal specializes in moss removal and prevention. Even if destructive moss is nowhere to be seen on your property, call us for an inspection and we'll identify any at-risk areas and help you keep the moss away before it can cause water damage and weaken your roof.

Gutter cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is important to keep water flowing away from the foundation of a building. If left to clog and overflow, water can pool at the base of your home or business and cause damage or even flooding. We'll keep your gutters functioning properly with regular maintenance.

Call today! 907-231-0324

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