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Roof moss removal in Anchorage

Curb appeal is always an important feature of being the best on the block, but keep your roof, gutters, and property clean isn't just about looking sharp. Investing in a little prevention, maintenance, and repairs along the way can increase the life of your home and reduce the threats to serious damage that would cost thousands to repair. Talk to our team today to get the help you need protecting your investment.

Year-round care

We'll work with you all year long to ensure your curb appeal never lacks and your property is maintained to extend the life of your home and roof as long as possible. Call us today!
Roof moss removal experts in Anchorage, AK

Moss specialists

AK Curb Appeal will handle a variety of property care for you, but we're known in Anchorage for our specialty in moss prevention and removal. Moss might look quaint, but as it spreads it can cause serious damage to roofs and other structures because of the dirt and dampness inherent in moss growth. We'll help you prevent moss from cropping up or remove what's already there with minimal damage.


We believe in fair and transparent pricing, so when we evaluate your property, we'll walk you through our estimate and process involved to help you understand our price. When you work on minor prevention and repairs now, you'll save thousands by avoiding serious structural damage, flooding, and more.

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